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AIIPA Office Bearers’ Meeting

6th Annual General Conference Venue Announced

As Scheduled, the Office-bearers of AIIPA met in the city of Ahmedabad on February 22, 2014 to decide on the venue and the dates of the 6th All India Conference of AIIPA and to review the implementation of programme of actions. The following decisions have been made on the Conference.

                 6th All India Conference of AIIPA

Accepting the invitation of Insurance Pensioners’ Association, Kanpur to host and organise the 6th All India Conference of AIIPA in North Central Zone at Kanpur in the month of October 2014, the meeting decided to hold the Conference at Kanpur from 7 to 9, October 2014.

The meeting also received a report from Kanpur comrades on their plans for successfully organising the Conference and noted with appreciation their initiatives. The meeting also welcomed the keen interest shown by the leaders and rank and file of North Central Zone Insurance Employees’ Federation under the leadership of its General Secretary, Com. Ashok Tewari, to organise the All India Conference at Kanpur and sincerely thanked them for the same. AIIPA confidently expects that this All India Conference will be another milestone in the annals of AIIPA.

As the All India Conference is to be held in the city of Kanpur, the meeting decided to call upon the pensioners of Kanpur to liberally contribute with minimum of Rs.500 and as the Conference is to be jointly organised by the pensioners of North Central Zone, they would contribute liberally with minimum of Rs.250 for the Conference.

The meeting also called upon the insurance pensioners in the rest of the country to contribute liberally with minimum of Rs.100 to defray the expenses of the Conference as was decided by the Central Committee of AIIPA and heartily thanked and congratulated the Pensioners’ Associations which have already remitted their contributions – Nagpur Rs.76,700 (full), Hyderabad Rs.50,000, Chennai Rs.40,000 and Surat Rs.25,000 (all partials).

The meeting was also sure that others would be remitting their share of contributions at their earliest, out of their funds, without waiting for the collection of contributions from the pensioners to be completed.

   AIIPA’s Bank Account details

Corporation Bank, Anna Salai Branch, Chennai 600 002.

A/C No. 067500101002537

IFSC Code: CORP0000675  P.Code: 003272

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Revision in Limits of Cover under Group Mediclaim Scheme

The Central Office has issued circular on March 4, 2014 on the above subject which is self-explanatory. Two pages of the circular are given below for the benefit of all LIC pensioners.


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Com. Sudhir Dhar Passes Away at 77

Jalpaiguri, December 7, 2013: Com. Sudhir Dhar, former President & General Secretary of Divisional Insurance Employees’ Association, Jalpaiguri died of heart attack this evening in a private nursing home at Siliguri. He was 77. He left behind his wife, a son & a daughter. He was also a party member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) since 1958.


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Improvements in Mediclaim Scheme for the GIC Pensioners

Further improvements in Group Mediclaim Scheme for the GIC pensioners – AIIPA has already achieved 75% subsidy in premium – Now effective from

November 1, 2013

1. Revised terms to come into effect from November 1, 2013; Group Mediclaim Scheme policy to be from November – October every year; only pensioners who are already covered under the Group Mediclaim Scheme are eligible (AIIPA is pursuing for option to all pensioners to join/rejoin the scheme).

2. Increase in sum insured (both eligible/optional) (choice of optional sum insured) Two lakhs slab;

3. Further reduction of 12% (approx) in premium;

4. Floater type policy introduced;

5. Cost of TPA charges to be borne by the companies.

    Pensioners (eligible) are advised to submit the options and pay the difference in premium before 31st October 2013 and not miss the opportunity !

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Com. Suhrit Dutta Passes Away at age 84

suhrit Dutta

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AIIPA Circular No. 05/2013 dated 25/02/2013

To all State/Regional/Divisional Units:

Dear Comrades,

We are reproducing here-in-below the text of the letter addressed by AIIPA, to the Chairman, LIC which is self-explanatory.

With Greetings,

Yours Comradely,


 General Secretary

Shri.D.K.Mehrotra, Chairman, LIC of India,                         19th February, 2013

Central Office, Mumbai.

Dear Sir,


We have come across a communication from LIC, Jaipur D.O. to one Mr. Muralidhar Gupta resulting from a judgement of Jaipur High Court granting a month’s salary and also granting refund of a portion of interest collected as his date of retirement had been deferred by a month on the basis of that judgement.

Earlier, employees used to retire on the date when they completed 58 or 60 years of age and in the year 1987, LIC decided to allow employees to retire on the last day of the month in which they attained the age of superannuation. When this decision was taken, it was specifically stated by LIC that employees with first of a month as their date of birth will have to retire on the last day of the earlier month on attaining superannuation age.

The present Jaipur High Court judgement has allowed employees with first as their date of birth to retire on the last day of that month as against last day of the earlier month. This confers the benefit of one month extra service and consequential benefits.

Such employees, who had retired prior to November 1, 1993, will get a month’s salary, get increments – normal or stagnation if due – get the benefit of revised wages if revised date of retirement falls after effective date of wage revision with new scale taken into account for purpose of average emoluments.

Such employees who had retired after November 1,1993 will also be entitled to all these benefits and some such employees may get the benefit of  increased Gratuity in case the revised date of retirement falls after amendments to Gratuity Act came into force.

Though date of retirement gets changed, there will be no change in commutation unless there is change in basic pay because of entitlement of increment as age next birth day for purpose of commutation would have been reckoned as 59 or 61 as the case may be.

We request the management of LIC to implement the Jaipur High Court judgement in letter and spirit, re-open all such past cases and grant the benefits to eligible pensioners and or their legal heirs by issuance of suitable instructions to all offices.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,



General Secretary

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Dearness Relief from 01/02/2013

To All LIC Pensioners

Our General Secretary has issued the following breaking news for us all:



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Com. Amalendu Sen is No More

    Siliguri: March 18, 2012:- Comrade Amalendu Sen, our ex-treasurer breathed his last in a nursing home in Siliguri yesterday. He was 78. Com. Sukhendu Narayan Biswas & others expressed deep respect & heartfelt sorrow to the departed leader of the Association.

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Rajastham High Court Order dated 01/12/2011

Rajasthan high court, Jaipur Bench order dated 1-12 – 2011

in LIC of India v/s Krishan Murari Lal Asthana


    The Rajasthan High Court Jaipur has passed the following order in the proceeding held on 1-12-2011:-

‘In this matter the LIC Approached Hon’ble the Apex Court and Hon’ble the Apex Court on 14-11-2011 passed the following order:

"Issue notice returnable in ten weeks.  Shri R.K.Singh Learned counsel accepts notice on behalf of the respondents. In the meanwhile, the proceedings pending before the High court under the contempt of court act.1971 shall remain stayed subject to the condition that within eight weeks from today. the petitioner shall deposit in the registry of the high court the amount due to the employees".

    In view of above the contempt proceedings against the respondent contemnors are stayed and list this matter on 16.1.2012‘.

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Supreme Court Order dated 14/11/2011

ITEM NO.37                                COURT NO.6                                 SECTION XV

S U P R E M E       C O U R T       O F       I N D I A


Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No(s).29956-29957/2011

(From the Judgement and Order dated 19/08/2011 in DBCRP No.86/2011 & DBCRP No. 87/2011 of The HIGH COURT OF RAJASTHAN AT JAIPUR)

L.I.C.                                                                                        Petitioner(s)


KRISHNA MURARI LAL ASTHANA  &  ORS.  ETC.                      Respondent(s)

(With prayer for interim relief and office report)

Date: 14/11/2011                 These Petitions were called on for hearing today.




For Petitioner(s)

                                       Mr.Harish N.Salve, Sr.Adv.
                                       Mr.R.Venkataramani, Sr.Adv.
                                       Mr. A.V. Rangam, Adv.
                                       Mr.Buddy A.Ranganadhan, Adv.

For Respondent(s)

                                       Mr.P.S.Narsimha, Sr.Adv.
                                       Mr.R.K.Singh, Adv.
                                       Mr.Abhinav Sharma, Adv.
                                       Mr.Kumar Gaurav, Adv.
                                       Mr. Rameshwar Prasad Goyal,A.O.R.


                     UPON hearing counsel the Court made the following


Issue notice, returnable in ten weeks.

Shri R.K.Singh, learned counsel accepts notice on behalf of the respondents.

            In the meanwhile, the proceedings pending before the High Court under the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 shall remain stayed subject to the condition that within eight weeks from today, the petitioner shall deposit in the Registry of the High Court the amount due to the employees.

            (Satish K.Yadav)                                           (Phoolan Wati Arora)           

               Court Master                                                   Court Master

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